Why China withdrew from Ladakh ?


Modi ji postponed the big war, otherwise Pakistan and China made big preparations for war – want to know the details of the whole conspiracy? The day of July 5 was very important because the coalition of China, Pakistan and Iran had made full preparations to attack India.

The date was fixed that under the policy of simultaneous attack , the Pakistan Army was to attack Kashmir. Chinese soldiers had reached Pakistan to help the Pak Army. But the Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) and the CIA and Mossad were also fully aware of this attack. Therefore, the entire preparation of the Indian Army was also complete. Therefore, before July five, Modi reached Ladakh and ordered free hand to the army and also threatened China. Before any action could have taken place, Israel launched a blazing attack on Iran early in the morning of July 5 and destroyed all Iran’s weapons that were a threat to it.

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This attack was also done due to Modi’s diplomacy. On the other hand, Pak military officers refused to attack Kashmir because the fleet of Indian submarines had reached close to Karachi and conveyed to Pakistan that if attacked, India is ready to attack from several sides simultaneously, which is not estimated by Pakistan at all. Modi ji had already taken the superpowers into confidence. America, Japan, Australia, France, Russia all stood with Modi ji. America has made its war ship in a ready position in South China Sea.

Ajit Doval NSA India
Ajit Doval

In a hurry, China tried to negotiate. Ajit Doval ( National Security Advisor to PM) took charge of the conversation this time. Si Jijingping wanted to talk to Modi, but Modi refused to talk, that is why the foreign minister of China was forced to talk to Doval. While Doval’s status is below the foreign minister, China was forced to drink this ghoul of insult. Doval presented the Foreign Minister of China a black blue print of 5th July of China, Iran and Pakistan’s collective attack, which made China embarrassed and came to the point of Hindi Bhai Bhai and agreed to return their army, and promised not to attack in future.

Now Pak military is angry with China because China is leaving Pakistan alone and the opposition of India is angry that why did we reduce the tension with China, why did we not go to war? Probably some foolish opposition parties of India forgot that if there was war, the attack of China would not only be on Modi or Modi devotees, but on the whole of India and Indians. May God give wisdom to such humanity and country opponents(unpatriotic people).

If Modi had not gone abroad to establish friendship with the superpowers and armed the army(of India) with weapons, today the sound of bombs and bullets would have been echoing in many cities of India and on the border. Thank goodness that our Prime Minister is Modi ji, due to his diplomacy, today we have succeeded in fighting together with China, Iran, Pakistan and forcing them to retreat.

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