Who says looks don’t matter?

Sachin Pilot With His Wife

Who says looks don’t matter? …. Forget the news you’ve been hearing; listen carefully to this secret Family ‘Mantra’ to know, it’s all that matters …. 😉

You were not born then, when a charming GS Pathak was made Vice-President, the 4th (1969-74); his very handsome & brilliant son, MS Pathak, who came from USA, was then Chairman of Engineers India (a prestigious psu, which set up all the refineries/metallurgical plants, in India); and that’s how I remember this story. After Indira Gandhi came to power, my sixth sense told, this family won’t have a future in India. And, Lo, the first time ever, the VP denied promotion to President; unlike his preceding 3. Was replaced by an unattractive, BD Jetti. MS also had to leave.

…. And, btw, did you know, Dilip Kumar is an average built, a bit short; they used to put him on a pedestal while shooting close to another; so that he looks taller. Likewise, I doubt if you ever saw a side actor more handsome than the hero/heroin.

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But why am I narrating such odd stories today?
It’s relevant. So much so, that the First family doesn’t mind losing power in 2 States. How the he’ll could Scindia dream of shining in the party, more than the boss? Suppose he succeeded as a CM? So also Sachin Pilot …. when both are younger, look more handsome, have higher degrees, and most important, have so pretty wives …. far more charming than the members of the first Family itself? That was a danger …. ‘clear & present’ 😉.

Jyotiraditya Scindia and His Wife
Jyotiraditya Scindia and His Wife

If you didn’t know, Sachin himself is WHARTON-MBA 😯 (ivy-league, Pennsylvania Univ); his wife, beautiful Sarah (daughter of Farooq Abdullah & Mollie, a Christian nurse) also has a Masters in International Management; and worked for a UNICEF body; been a yoga instructor; social worker …. both met in London…..
And, Jyotiraditya’s wife, Priyadarshini Raje (princess from Baroda Royalty), looks far more charming than the ‘Dadi’s grand daughter’. Not sharing her more stunningly beautiful pics, as that’s not the theme of the post.

So, what I was trying to say is, even if you are an average-looking …. maybe you can have a career in the party. But upto a level only. My advice to the stalwarts is; whether it’s Kapil Sibbal thinking of bringing his Advocate son into politics, or anybody else (there’re a hundred hopefuls) …. make sure your sons cultivate a Jetti-like look, if also dreaming of reaching the top. OK, a Kumaraswamy/Devegowda will also do. But no way to be a Scindia or Sachin; or anything with a ‘fair & lovely’ skin; that’s only the Family’s preserve. The signboard at the entrance of the ‘High Command’ door is clear ..”

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