Sushant Singh Rajput : Murdered or Suicide?


Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, I have been trying my best to fit the jigsaw puzzles around the tragedy. Seeking answers, ensuring to find objectivity in the maze of genuine concern and sensationalism. Trying my best to find a closure and clarity on exactly what lead to a death of an actor, which has affected Indians across community lines. Today, as I watched Kangana Ranaut’s interview with Arnab Goswami, the closure has finally been achieved. What she spoke is already there in bits and pieces in the public domain. What she did was help give it a coherent shape and avoid conspiracy angles and yet strike at the root of the facts and circumstances which finally lead to a premature end that fans of Rajput are still not being able to graple with. We start with her talk on Yash Raj Films Talent Recruiting Agency. A few years back, the head of YRF, Mr Aditya Chopra featured in the top 100 most powerful list of Indians.

Sushant Suicide or murdered
Sushant : Murdered or Suicide?

The contracts which YRF binds their new talents with is nothing short of modern day slavery. Filmaker Anubhav Singh Kashyap, who directed Dabbang 1, wrote a detailed post on how this agency works. You can google or search that post of his on Facebook. This gets collaborated with Kangana speaking about how Rajput became a victim to the same. He was not allowed to sign Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’ and nor ‘Padmavat’ as his YRF contract meant that he needed the permission of all powerful Aditya Chopra for that. However, another YRF product, the blue eyed boy of Chopra, Ranveer Singh was given the go ahead, which begs the question how did contract clauses change for Ranveer and stay same for Sushant? As Ranaut rightly asks, what was the compensation that YRF gave to Rajput for these 2 films? Instead, YRF even dragged it’s feet back on Shekhar Kapur’s Mega Dream project ‘Paani’ which was to star Sushant.

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This after preparations of worth 2 years were put into it by Shekhar and Sushant. Post this, Ranaut says that Rajput had a huge fall out with Aditya Chopra and finally he terminated his relationship with YRF. It seems that the people like Aditya Chopra who love playing God, was angry with this thankless behaviour of his creation. In comes Karan Johar, Chopra’s childhood friend and joins the battle against Rajput. Now, here is another revelation which Ranaut made. Johar signs up Rajput for a film called ‘Drive’ alongside Jacquiline Fernandez. The film never makes it for a theatrical release and Johar goes to town saying that he cannot release it in Theatres and hence has to release it on an OTP Platform. Kangana asks that how on Earth is it possible that Johar with his name and a star like sushant, the movie could not find distributors. She says, being in the industry, she feels it’s bizzare that such a thing is even possible and asks for a show where distributors, exhibitors can be called and people can be explained how these things work and how this whole thing seems like a set up! Johar even saying in his circles that a Flop Star like Rajput could not get the movie a theatrical release. All these happenings, are simultaneously accompanied by Film Critic and IBN Channel’s Entertainment Editor, Mr Rajeev Masand’s gossip columns in which he calls Rajput a Rapist and a Drug addict. Hit jobs which can not only ruin a person’s reputation but severely damage his state of mind. Masand and Johar’s proximity is very well known to the people who keep a sharp interest in Bollywood showbiz. The final nail in the coffin comes from one of the most dubious characters of Bollywood, Mr Mahesh Bhatt. The same person who released a book titled 26/11- RSS ki Sazish just weeks after the terror attack. His Son Rahul Bhatt was the one whose role in 26/11 terror attacks is still under huge scrutiny as his close relation with David headley, one of the key conspirators of the attack, is a well known and documented fact. In Sushant’s last few days, Bhatt of all people was counselling him. As Ranaut says, who is Bhatt to counsel him, what is his relation? Is he a trained Pyschiatrist? Bhatt immediately after Sushant’s death attributed the worst mental illness diagnosis to Rajput and as Ranaut says, the last person you need during depression, is someone who pushes you more to the dark zone. YRF, Johar, Masand, Bhatt. The system ultimately did play a role in abetting his suicide, where he was systematically targetted for failing to massage the ego of those who suffer from the God syndrome. Ending the post with a comment of Late Sushant Singh Rajput requesting his young fan to watch his movie. “Arre but if you don’t watch it then they would throw me out of Bollywood. I have no Godfather, I’ve made you (all) my Gods and fathers. Watch it at least if you wish I do survive in Bollywood. Much love and Regards”

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