Pakistan Spy Caught, was working in high commission.

Pakistani Spy Caught

On May 31, 2020, two representatives posted at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi were caught in the act while spying . As per media reports, he had made a phony Aadhaar card to recognize himself as an Indian.

These investigators working in the Visa Department of the High Commission have been distinguished as Abid Hussain and Tahir Hussain. Both were prepared by Pakistan’s insight office ISI. Both have been approached to leave India inside 24 hours with their driver Javed Hussain.

As per reports , he has left India. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has been affirmed to have returned through the Wagah fringe.

Columnist Aditya Raj Kaul has shared a video. Which shows that both utilized the official vehicle of the Pakistani High Commission for reconnaissance. The enrollment number of this vehicle is 89 CD 106. The glass of the vehicle was broken and subsequent to being gotten, they likewise attempted to get away.

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The Pakistani High Commission was selling the vehicle . A couple of days prior a notice was made in the neighborhood paper by the High Commission for its deal.

Abid Hussain and Tahir Khan were meandering in a similar vehicle with counterfeit Aadhaar cards. Abid had made Aadhaar for the sake of Nasir Gautam. At the point when he was gotten, he went to meet a ‘barrier representative’ in Karol Bagh to get delicate data. They have additionally got 15 thousand rupees and two iPhones.

Kaul has additionally shared a 2.20 moment video. In it, 42-year-old Abid Hussain is conversing with somebody in a café. Kaul imparted this to the date appeared in the video isn’t right. This video is turning into a web sensation.

As indicated by an India Today report, the military knowledge unit got solid data about Abid and Tahir Hussain half a month prior. It was found out that they were attempting to assemble classified data about the military. His objectives were individuals related with the military. They used to get in touch with them with counterfeit Indian personality.

From that point forward, the military knowledge unit was watching them. As per sources, the ISI had additionally given them a rundown of such individuals who must be trapped in their web. In the wake of getting data about their visit to Karol Bagh, the Military Intelligence Unit laid a snare with the Special Cell of Delhi Police and captured them.

At the point when he was interrogated regarding his character, Abid called himself Nasir Gautam, an inhabitant of Geeta Colony. He additionally gave an Aadhaar card to affirm this. However, the specialists before long come to realize that it is phony. Gotam was composed on the card rather than ‘Gautam’. During cross examination, both admitted to being Pakistani nationals and presented on the Delhi High Commission.

It is to be noticed that before in 2016, he was proclaimed a persona non grata subsequent to getting delicate reports from Pakistan High Commission official Mahmood Akhtar.

During cross examination, Akhtar had uncovered that he had a place with the Baloch Regiment of the Pakistan Army and had joined Pakistan’s covert operative organization Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) on nomination. He was positioned at the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi since September 2013.

Pakistan’s High Commissioner was called by the then Foreign Secretary and India held up a solid dissent against Akhtar’s exercises. Around the same time, Pakistan had reported Surjit Singh, an Assistant Personnel and Welfare Officer of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, as a persona non grata. This time as well, Pakistan has been shocked since the disclosure of its two covert agents.

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