Donald Trump claims, America makes 2 million corona vaccine, epidemic under control

Donald Trump said Americe has made 2 million Corona Vaccines

US President Donald Trump claimed that his country has achieved tremendous success in making the Corona vaccine. America has made two million vaccines. They will start to be used as soon as they are guaranteed to be safe.

Now work will be started to reach people 

Trump said during a press briefing that on Thursday we had a meeting about the Corona vaccine. It was found in the meeting that we have done a very good work in this direction. We have prepared two million vaccines. Now the work of sending them to the people has to start. With this, he once again criticized China for Corona.

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Control over epidemic 

The US President said that since we are the largest economy in the world, we managed to overcome this epidemic. Asked about the opening of the US economy, he said that states like Georgia, Florida and South Carolina are doing better business than those which have been opened, which are currently in lockdown. 

Stop Violence States 

US President Donald Trump again urged the governors of the states to deploy the National Guard to effectively prevent violence and looting in their states. It is noteworthy that many states of the United States have been ablaze with violence since the assassination of black George Floyd.

More than 100 vaccine ongoing research 

Worldwide, more than 100 vaccines are being researched and tested for corona virus infection. The clinical trial of Vaccine made by Oxford University has yielded very good results. Moderna Inc says the clinical trial for her vaccine has reached the second stage. At the same time, the Chinese government is hopeful that its vaccine will be available in the market by the end of this year. 

Havoc in south america 

After America and Europe, the havoc of Corona is now visible in South America. In the last 24 hours, 1473 people have died in Brazil. This is the highest number of deaths a day since the onset of the epidemic. In Brazil, there have been more than one death per minute in the last 24 hours. With this, the number of dead in Brazil has exceeded 34,000. 

Continuation of deaths in Mexico 

In Mexico, 816 people have died in the last 24 hours. The total number of people who died of corona in Mexico has increased to 12,545 …. while the number of infected patients has gone up to 1,05,680. However, according to the news agency Reuters, the number of deaths is said to be 2.5 times the number of deaths. 

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