Afzal Khan (with 7ft tall and steel like casing) a well known general of Adil Shah II of Bijapur.

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He was sent to haggle with CHHATRAPATHI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ (with short height, 5’6″). It was concurred that the pioneers would be unarmed, and each man would bring an agent and two equipped protectors: one would be a fighter and another a toxophilite. Afzal Khan’s mates included Sayyid Banda (Bada Sayyid), a recognized military man. Chhtrapathi Shivaji, admonished, wore defensive layer under his garments and a steel head protector under his turban. He conveyed a weapon called “wagh nakhi”(tiger paw), comprising of an iron finger-hold with four razor paws, which he hid inside his held clench hand. He additionally conveyed a stiletto-like dainty blade called the bichu or bichawa (scorpion). He was joined by his guardians Jiva Mahala and Sambhaji Kavji. Toward the beginning of the gathering Afzal Khan benevolently held onto Shivaji according to custom. As per the Maratha narratives, he at that point out of nowhere fixed his fasten, grasped Shivaji’s neck in his left arm and hit him with a kitar. Shivaji was spared by his protective layer, recouped and counter-assaulted Afzal Khan with wagh nakh, eviscerating him. He at that point cut Khan with his bichawa, and came up short on the tent towards his men.

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Afzal Khan shouted out 😩😫🥵 and Sayyid Banda hurried to the scene and assaulted Shivaji with his patta, cutting his turban. Shivaji’s protector Jiva Mahala mediated, slashing off Sayyid Banda’ s right arm in a fast battle before executing him 💕

This occasion is recalled in a Marathi Language saying “शिवा वाचला जिव्हा मुळे” or “Due to Jiva, Shiva lived”. In the interim, Afzal Khan’s bearers set their injured pioneer in his palki, however they were assaulted by Sambhaji Kavji. Sambhaji in the long run executed Afzal Khan by beheading him. Shivaji then arrived at the Pratapgad Fort, and flagged his holding up powers covering up in encompassing woodland, to dispatch an unexpected assault. Afzal Khan’s military was directed in ensuing Battle of Pratapgarh. Afterward, the cut off head of Afzal Khan was sent to Rajgad as display to Jijabai, Shivaji’s mom. In any case, Shivaji Maharaj built a burial place of Afzal Khan by the lower regions of Pratapgad by doing his last rituals with due regard by the Islamic laws of incineration.

That is the thing that our predecessors were.. That is the means by which sanatan proceeded.

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